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  • Round 7: Minimalism
  • Strong and stern as steel...
  • Hades & Persephone
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  • girl alone
  • My passion for him licks me like a flame
  • Lydia
  • I often think of you.
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  • tryna catch a curve // digging my own grave
  • and even though i see straight through it // i'll still put my heart on the line
  • she's so hard to please // but she's a forest fire
  • the image in my mirror of life appeared ugly
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  • ~Como el petalo de una rosa~
  • ~Devil in red~
  • ~Colorless world, colorful mind~
  • ~As long as I can still dream, I will dream of you~

  • Bright Lights
  • She is one with the force now...
  • "Every path I make, every road leads back to the place I know, where I can not go, where I long to be"
  • The Prince of Erebor
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  • Got Talent
  • Wrong Impression
  • September Song
  • Luxury

  • Tearin' through the streets,Running with the wild things
  • grace and honour
  • Tao Okamoto ~
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  • bittersweet
  • 私はラメです
  • I Want The Pain of Payment
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  • ♥: "i don't really have much to say,i was over it the second that I saw her name..."
  • ♥: "i've got two letters for you. one of them's F and the other one's U..."
  • ♠: "and as our fallen foes retreat i hear the drinking song they’re singing…"
  • ♠: "the world turned upside down..."

  • The Dursleys
  • Two: None
  • One: Caraphernelia.
  • "I want a family. I wanna be safe. You know the worst thing I can think of, the very worst thing, is for my children to be raised into this like I was. "